This Poem Inspired by the book and a few real life events.

(Free Verse Poetry: Dosent Have to Ryme ) 

Looking out the window I wonder when will my kitty come home? 

On a summer day last year when we went on a trip we took kitty with us

and we acidentally lost her.


I wonder when my kitty will come home. 

It is fall now.

My mom and dad think kitty will never come to us.

But I think she will come home. 

Isn't that what cats do? I wonder to myself

Some Where in the city my kitty roams alone 

No one to talk to.

No one to give her love. 

Nobody to give her her favorite food. 


I hear a tapping on the window. 
Kitty In The Citty

I see no one..

Again tapping. 

I go up the window and look out.

A Cute Dirty Black Kitty.

Could she be mine? My Lost Kitty?

She Is! :D My Kitty Has Returned! 

She Came Home..

She Came Home... <3 

Nikki Van Davis 11:58, October 24, 2014 (UTC)

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