Hey!! Alright there are dozens of new things coming on Thekittycat Wiki! Here are the new things that are coming soon~~

  1. How to protect your cat in Winter
  2. More cat stories
  3. Kitten mills
  4. More galleries
  5. Orange Tabby Cats~ Characteristics
  6. Some new poems coming

New things that just arrived~~

  1. New galleries (Black cats, calico tabbies, grey tabbies)
  2. New story "The Farrel Cat"
  3. New catagories added
  4. Made grammar changes to Nikki's cat poem

So yeah

Just wanted to tet you guys know... And by "you guys" I mean Nikki... Cuase it seems as if we're the only two on the wiki xD

If you have any questions you can contact me here: